I don’t have to nickname myself after fine liquor because my parents did it for me

I’M BACK and feeling extra sassy today!!! Maybe it’s because the LSAT is kicking my peachy behind, or maybe it’s because the Spotify United States Top 50 has me feeling some type of way. Either way, I’m not holding back.

Let’s talk some Cardi B. This chick is all over my social feeds. My beloved Noisey has even shamelessly multi-posted about her, and that’s how you know it’s real.


I by no means want to increase her streams, but seriously, if you’re a fan, look up the Rap Genius behind “Bodak Yellow” and tell me that’s not disgusting. Does talent even matter anymore? Or is it enough to have millions of instagram followers and have Drake think you’re sexy to get a record deal these days? It seems all it takes is a ~sick beat~ and some mumbling about being a baddie.

Same goes for Playboi Carti and 21 Savage (who admitted to triple homicide in his latest release??? Can someone confirm???). What are they even saying? Why is it topping the charts? WHAT ARE A&R’S DOING? At least Uzi’s XO Tour Llif3 actually tells a story and talks about the transition through a  hard life experience rather than boasting about how his “rollie got charms like frosted flakes.”

I agree it’s surprising that “Bodak Yellow” has become A top charting song, but is it really surprising it’s become THE  top charting song by a female rapper since Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda?” Like, there are honestly no other mainstream female rappers who are relevant. Iggy Azalea hasn’t released anything noteworthy, let alone anything, in years, Remy Ma got obliterated by Minaj and, in turn, is no longer relevant, SZA isn’t mainstream enough to be a contender, and Nicki Minaj hasn’t released anything in a minute so obviously Cardi is going to finesse on those streams??? I don’t think the fact that it’s a top charting song has anything to do with talent. In fact, I’m telling you it doesn’t.

There are plenty of smaller artists with actual talent struggling to get signed but for some reason A&R's are continually being sucked into this seemingly perpetual trappy vortex-- and by A&R’s I mean privileged white boys who use gangster trap to express themselves and think the likes of 21 Savage and Playboi Carti are talented. All these rappers steal each other’s flows because there’s no novelty left to trap. I don’t understand why this genre is dominating the popular charts when there are bands like Wake Child that have real, unparalleled talent. Why do what everybody else is doing, especially when it sucks?

- @Remdogggg

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