If You’re Reading This It’s Not Too Late

Dear Hopeful Artist,

Congratulations! You’ve been awarded an advance of $50,000 that will be completely recouped. Your individuality, experience, and knowledge mean nothing to us, so we will overwhelm you with writing sessions that will ultimately produce some auto-tuned crap that sounds like everything else on the charts. We are so excited to have you on board and for you to sign away your soul!


Old Dudes with Money who Can’t Embrace That The Music Industry is Changing and Who Don’t Care About the Camaraderie that the Industry Should Become

Okay, not really. But seriously, the record industry evolves faster than Migos’ set at USC Springfest (too soon?). Whether it be music discovery methods or who Drake is wallowing over, you need to be in the know and one step ahead of the game. That is why if you’re reading this it’s not too late.

This group, The Free Artists Matchmakers is how you’re going to evolve with the industry and be one step ahead of everyone else. The mentors and fellow users are like-minded people who have taken the time to perfect their craft and learn everything they need to know because it is their passion. These are not people who come into this business with money and connections and only talk about that time they were backstage at Grateful Dead and how gnarly it was. These are people who build those connections in order to save their art. Mingling with your peers has been proven the best way to formulate ideas and make things happen. That’s why when you become a part of The FAM you are at an advantage. By helping each other, we can help ourselves. This is one family you can choose to be apart of, and one that will have your back every step of the way.

Us youngin’s are the future of the industry. We are the ones who are going to create the future of music how we want it to be, so why not work together to produce something amazing? We don’t enter this industry to be controlled by someone with less experience than us, let alone someone else at all. We do this because it’s rooted in who we are. Whether you’re a manager, aspiring artist, the next Paul Tollett, a producer, an official shouter at the beginning of songs aka DJ Khaled, or just care about defining *and ruling* the industry, if you’re read this it’s not too late to be adopted into a FAM where knowledge is valued and individuality is encouraged.

--- @Remdogggg

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