Somewhere Under Heaven

A week ago almost to the minute I turned to Aaron teary eyed and told him I was strangely nostalgic for the present moment. I was experiencing it, but I also already missed it. Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers had just begun to play Learning to Fly for what we all didn’t know or think would be the last time. We were in the center of the Hollywood Bowl, on a starry night surrounded by trees that twinkled from the beautiful lights. Fall had just arrived, and The Heartbreakers were playing what I can only assume was one of their best shows of the tour (it’s likely impossible that any performance of theirs had been better, because what I was witnessing was more than a concert). It was enchanting. It was magical.

Tom took us back to the early 90’s with his Kumbaya-campfire-esque performance of Learning to Fly. It’s peculiar to feel like you are missing a time that hasn’t even become a memory.

Although I only personally met Tom once at a Mudcrutch show (I said “I like your shirt”, he replied “I like my shirt too. It’s one of my favorites.”). There has probably been a handful of days throughout the last few years where Tom or any of the Heartbreakers have not been mentioned in my inner circle. People very close to me were very close to him, and through them I know he will live on. 

The world we live in today, and especially the last 24 hours, sees so much death whether it be from natural causes, natural disasters, or people’s own free-will. There are times when the cynic in me wonders if we are just born to die. Why are the good people taken away and the bad left to live?

Tom, you brought so much happiness to so many people, and gave them a way to express themselves when they didn’t know how. You have given music that will last us a lifetime, as your words (and Mike’s awesome guitar riffs) will never get old. I am so incredibly grateful that I got to be apart of one of the greatest and last moments in Heartbreaker history. Listening to your beautiful Wildflower lyrics, I can’t seem to help but hope you are where you belong, among the wildflowers, lighting one up in your trailer, and smiling. 

Many hearts broke today, but afterall, you are The Heartbreaker.

- @Remdogggg

Last setlist from last show.


Look What You Made Me Write About

On Friday August 25, 2017 between the hours of 3-6am PST, Taylor Alison Swift died a tragic death.

The official cause of death has yet to be confirmed, but there have been allegations floating around pointing fingers at possible murder suspects, Kanye West, Katy Perry. Swift had been absent from social media (aka the world) the week leading up to her death. The tragedy was announced by someone who answered a phone call looking like Swift and sounding like Swift, but in no way acting like Swift. She was taken into custody and when interrogated about the alleged murder this Swift look-a-like responded, “I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative.”

After police searched Swift’s house, there was evidence later confirmed by Medical Examiner Dr. Dre that her cause of death was too much beef. Swift had been involved in some petty rivalries over the years leading up to her death that apparently caused her to consume an intolerable amount of beef. If Katy was hoping for an apology, or Kanye was hoping to amp up publicist game, it seems the chances of those happening are as dead as the old Taylor.

Who’s to say what this new resurrected Taylor will bring to the table? Hopefully it will be some decent music and a little less carnivorous tendency. It’s safe to say I’ll be having the vegetarian entree from now on.

RIP old Taylor.

- @Remdogggg

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