Look What You Made Me Write About

On Friday August 25, 2017 between the hours of 3-6am PST, Taylor Alison Swift died a tragic death.

The official cause of death has yet to be confirmed, but there have been allegations floating around pointing fingers at possible murder suspects, Kanye West, Katy Perry. Swift had been absent from social media (aka the world) the week leading up to her death. The tragedy was announced by someone who answered a phone call looking like Swift and sounding like Swift, but in no way acting like Swift. She was taken into custody and when interrogated about the alleged murder this Swift look-a-like responded, “I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative.”

After police searched Swift’s house, there was evidence later confirmed by Medical Examiner Dr. Dre that her cause of death was too much beef. Swift had been involved in some petty rivalries over the years leading up to her death that apparently caused her to consume an intolerable amount of beef. If Katy was hoping for an apology, or Kanye was hoping to amp up publicist game, it seems the chances of those happening are as dead as the old Taylor.

Who’s to say what this new resurrected Taylor will bring to the table? Hopefully it will be some decent music and a little less carnivorous tendency. It’s safe to say I’ll be having the vegetarian entree from now on.

RIP old Taylor.

- @Remdogggg

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I don’t have to nickname myself after fine liquor because my parents did it for me

I’M BACK and feeling extra sassy today!!! Maybe it’s because the LSAT is kicking my peachy behind, or maybe it’s because the Spotify United States Top 50 has me feeling some type of way. Either way, I’m not holding back.

Let’s talk some Cardi B. This chick is all over my social feeds. My beloved Noisey has even shamelessly multi-posted about her, and that’s how you know it’s real.


I by no means want to increase her streams, but seriously, if you’re a fan, look up the Rap Genius behind “Bodak Yellow” and tell me that’s not disgusting. Does talent even matter anymore? Or is it enough to have millions of instagram followers and have Drake think you’re sexy to get a record deal these days? It seems all it takes is a ~sick beat~ and some mumbling about being a baddie.

Same goes for Playboi Carti and 21 Savage (who admitted to triple homicide in his latest release??? Can someone confirm???). What are they even saying? Why is it topping the charts? WHAT ARE A&R’S DOING? At least Uzi’s XO Tour Llif3 actually tells a story and talks about the transition through a  hard life experience rather than boasting about how his “rollie got charms like frosted flakes.”

I agree it’s surprising that “Bodak Yellow” has become A top charting song, but is it really surprising it’s become THE  top charting song by a female rapper since Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda?” Like, there are honestly no other mainstream female rappers who are relevant. Iggy Azalea hasn’t released anything noteworthy, let alone anything, in years, Remy Ma got obliterated by Minaj and, in turn, is no longer relevant, SZA isn’t mainstream enough to be a contender, and Nicki Minaj hasn’t released anything in a minute so obviously Cardi is going to finesse on those streams??? I don’t think the fact that it’s a top charting song has anything to do with talent. In fact, I’m telling you it doesn’t.

There are plenty of smaller artists with actual talent struggling to get signed but for some reason A&R's are continually being sucked into this seemingly perpetual trappy vortex-- and by A&R’s I mean privileged white boys who use gangster trap to express themselves and think the likes of 21 Savage and Playboi Carti are talented. All these rappers steal each other’s flows because there’s no novelty left to trap. I don’t understand why this genre is dominating the popular charts when there are bands like Wake Child that have real, unparalleled talent. Why do what everybody else is doing, especially when it sucks?

- @Remdogggg

And tonight, Mr. Bennington, the sun will set for you.


     This Is: Linkin Park by Spotify


/In cards and flowers on your window/

One of Chester Bennington’s last tweets was a picture of him and his bandmates with hip-hop artist and poet Watsky. The caption reads, “Can’t wait to see where this goes.” This was retweeted by Bennington on July 15, 5 days before the Linkin Park frontman’s suicide by hanging.

/Your friends all plead for you to stay/

Linkin Park rose to fame in 1996, when their debut album Hybrid Theory sold 10 MILLION units and went DIAMOND. There are only 90 albums to have ever earned this certification. But, I wouldn’t expect one of the most legendary bands to do anything not legendary. If you were an angsty t(w)een like myself, then you know how the brilliant merger of nu metal and so-called rap metal that took over the radio lit a fire under our bums in the front seat of our parent’s car while they drove us to the worst place on earth: high school.

Chester Bennington battled drugs, alcohol and depression his entire life, a theme that definitely comes across is just about every Linkin Park song. In fact, I could probably write an ode to Chester using just Linkin Park lyrics. But I’m not going to.

/Sometimes beginnings aren't so simple/

Linkin Park has brought pop punk to a whole new level of fame, and incited crazy collaborations old and new, those including Jay-Z, Rakim, Tom Morello, Steve Aioki, and Kiiara (whose lyrics for the song were written by pop moguls Julia Michaels and Justin Tranter) to name a few.

I never had the chance to see Linkin Park (or Stone Temple Pilots) live but there’s no doubt in my mind that they put on one helluva show. I couldn’t help but shed a tear when listening to radio hosts and former friends of Bennington mourn his death and revive his spirit. If you have any memories or experiences with this amazing, multi-genre, rock band, please share and keep Chester’s memory alive.

/Sometimes goodbye's the only way, oh/

We often view people in the limelight as immortal and revere them for their talent. We often forget that they are regular people too, like you and me, just a little but cooler. Everyone battles their own demons. Apparently some more than we know. We watched it happen with Bowie, Chris Cornell, Claude Trucks of the Allman Brothers, and so many more just in 2017 alone. Mental illness is a serious disease, and we need to mindful and help those around us. And help ourselves. At 41 years young, Chester has left behind his wife and six children. And his bandmates. And his fans.

And tonight, Mr. Bennington, the sun will set for you. RIP.

--- @Remdogggg

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