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Hello! I'm Remy, a recent graduate from USC where I received my B.A. in Communications and minor in Music Industry. I have explored jobs and internships in many facets of the industry and have come to find that I have a passion for artist development/management and music law, and ultimately aim to combine the two. 

It shocked me how many artist managers would come knowing nothing about the "money trail" and how/why their clients were making or loosing money. This sparked my interest in music law (I also find the practice of copyright law really interesting) and has prompted me to want to combine that aspect with management, which I figure will give me a lot more knowledge and a little more clout.

What are you looking for: I am looking for an artist to manage, people to add to our record label, Real Ideal, and people to connect with in the music industry.

What can you contribute: I have had internships in so many different areas of the music industry, helped start a record label, worked at WMG and Rhino Records recently, and studying to be an entertainment lawyer



  • I most recently worked as a temp coordinator at Rhino Entertainment under WMG in the business and legal affairs department. Prior to that I interned in the copyright department of Warner/Chappell, where I developed a whole new level of understanding for music.
  • I was also a member of USC's Concerts Committee E-Board working with two other people to form the Directors of Sponsorship. We were responsible for all of the sponsors and activations as well as helped with booking for USC's major festivals. I have also maintained internships in management and digital media within a management company. I feel that I have a gained a well rounded knowledge of the industry through my endeavors, and can't wait to keep learning more and perfecting my craft.

Past Projects

  • In addition to the jobs and internships I've held in the past, I have also helped create an independent record label, Real Ideal World, LLC where I assisted with artist management, including artist social media and music promotions and bookings.
  • I have also helped create a television pilot that is currently being pitched to major networks called College Talent Tour. The premise of the show is that it is the premiere collegiate singing competition in America, but the twist is it focuses on artist's performing original songs. We had great success at USC and 9 other schools across the country. I worked as a field producer as well as the Creative Partnerships Director, which involved me reaching out to sponsors, judges, guest stars, and the talent themselves.

Current Projects

  • Studying for the DREADFUL LSAT

Who I've Collaborated With

  • Aaron Raus, Sean Keith, and Josh Smith on Concerts Committee

My FAM Collaborations


What Help I Need With My Current Project

Project: SoundClash, The FAM's Blog

I would love any ideas, feedback, or thoughts from you!

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More About Me

Extra Info

I'm looking for some artists who are interested in finding a manager, as well as a job in the field!

Where To Find Me Next

Be on the look out for my blog, SOUNDCLASH, right here on The FAM website!

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