Spektra5önikk Recordings

Spektra5önikk Recordings aims to unveil the true potential of the underground artists that are all around us today, but have no platform to showcase their talent on. A brainchild of 5önikk, a writer/DJ/Producer who hails from USC/Mumbai, Spektra5önikk looks to harness the raw passion and talent of independent electronic artists and writers today.



RotoFest put on by Spektra5önikk Recordings in Mumbai with over 2500 students in attendance

5önikk spinning at Ground Zero Summer 2015


A&R Factory

Areas they cover:

  • Record Label / Publishing / Management Plugging
  • Music Production, Mixing & Mastering
  • Music Licensing
  • Photography & Video
  • Music Releasing
  • TV / Club / Video / Radio Plugging
  • Touring
  • Vocal / Performance / Choreography Training
  • Artist Branding
  • Websites
  • Monthly Development Consultancy

Since 2012, A&R Factory has grown into one of the most respected A&R Blogs. Their readership includes independent and major labels, publishers, management companies, radio station, PR and sync companies from across the world.

They believe all great artists should get the exposure they deserve and they offer artist development packages and consultancy for artists, songwriters and individuals wishing to further their careers in the music business.

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