Michael Azuma

Producer - Engineer - Collective Founder



Michael Azuma is a Sophomore Music Industry major and Music Production minor from the Bay Area town of Pleasanton. Michael is one of our current Co-Directors of Musical Events, performed DJ sets at multiple house parties and for Thornton’s Pop Fest,

made viral memes on USC Memes for Spoiled Pre-Teens, and created his own musical collective called “LFO.” Michael currently produces music and DJs under his alias “Little AZU,” and has plans to work on a full-length album over his sophomore year. Michael loves water, going to the gym, and coffee.

What are you looking for: I am looking for a manager and vocalists.

What can you contribute: I can contribute mixing skills, mastering skills, production skills, DJing skills and Ableton production skills.



  • I worked on XXX

Past Projects

  • Written songs
  • Tracking, Mixing and Mastering for Clarence the Kid's album "DIGITS"

Current Projects

  • Remix competitions
  • Writing original music

Who I've Collaborated With

  • Clarence The Kid, Meghan Foley, Austin Foley, r e l, Hannah Bowers

My FAM Collaborations


What Help I Need With My Current Project

Project: I am writing an EP

Toplines, Album covers, social media

Sample of the Project

More About Me

Extra Info

Where To Find Me Next

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