Do you think you or your company would benefit from the brightest and most passionate young music-minds?

Do you want to help shape the future of the music industry?

Become a mentor for The FAM!

Email us with any questions at:

Here at The FAM...

We are ALWAYS looking to expand our network of professionals in addition to aspiring young students and artists. We look to bring value to your life as a music professional. Whether you are a freshman with a passion for music or a 20+ year veteran in the industry, you can always benefit from the conversations you have with other passionate people.

Our main goal as the Free Artists Matchmakers is to connect people to create value in both of their lives and further create success in their careers and bring happiness through music. 

How can I help The FAM members as a mentor?

Your mentorship could be as minimal as subscribing to newsletters and being available for contact to at least some portion of our members, to helping grow both our mentor and member community in any way possible.

Each time we add a new member to our mentor community, we increase our value to each other and ourselves. Referring new mentors not only allows us to grow and connect with new professionals in our fields, but it creates more value for the students, thus growing their member community as well. 


    Frequently Asked Questions about becoming a mentor for The FAM

    What kind of time commitment is becoming a mentor?

    Becoming a mentor for The FAM means whatever you would like it to mean or it naturally progresses towards. Your offerings to the our community are whatever you make of them, but I always believed in the saying, "You only get out what you put into it."

    What are the benefits of becoming a mentor for The FAM?

    • Join our growing community of professionals throughout the industry in various fields
    • Connect to a pipeline of the brightest and most highly skilled aspiring music students and graduates
    • Higher interns faster
    • Fill jobs quicker
    • Once we offer our premium membership, a percentage of membership contribution will be sent to our mentors along with a percentage donated to the NEA. (While the National Endowment for the Arts may actually get a $2M/year *increase*...we still like to help the younger generation of passionate kids. Check out this interesting LA Times article on what LA would look like with out NEA:
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