Jessica Vieux

Singer - Songwriter - Musician

ig: jessivieux | sc: iamjessiv


Jessica is an international student from France who spent her first decade growing up in the Bay Area. She is a business major with a minor in computer programming and aspiring to add a Thornton minor to that as well. She’s been an aspiring performer her whole life, having started playing piano at the age of four.

age of four. Today, she likes performing her own songs whenever the chance arises. 

      Realizing she had yet to meet most of the artistic community, Jessica decided to join a few creative oriented organizations, starting with Creative Experience, where she worked in the A&R and Community Outreach teams before becoming the director of the organization. As such, she is responsible for the organization of Gearfest, one of USC's big concerts, and is on the Executive Board of the Black Student Association for which she helps recruit talent. She is also involved on campus in other ways, such as being Director of Professional Development of Mu Sigma Epsilon (the co-ed professional music fraternity) and Artistic Director of Events of Corpus Callosum. She is also the Director of Marketing of the FAM. 

What are you looking for: I am looking for I am looking for Producers, Managers, Instrumentalists, Video Specialists, general creatives and anyone that can help me with the process. 

What can you contribute: I am a Vocalist, Pianist, Songwriter, Business Student, Programmer, Talent Recruiter (for events such as Gearfest). I also have leadership positions in a few organizations revolving around the arts and specifically music and am always available if anyone has any questions about getting involved.



  • Gearfest 2017: A&R Team (held auditions, set up venues, worked in green rooms, etc.) and Community Outreach Team (fundraising, marketing, etc.)
  • Creative Experience Showcase (Dec. 2017): performed original songs, set up venue, held auditions.
  • Pop Performance Class (Fall 2016): Performed with a band "In the Nude". Sang lead on Billie JeanDaddy Issues, and other songs. (including the Chance rap from Ultralight Beam)
  • Pan-African Student Association "AfroSCentric Cultural Showcase" (April 2017): performed original songs.
  • Black Family Dinner (Oct. 2015): performed original songs.

Past Projects

  • Written songs.
  • Wrote soundtrack for a student film.

Current Projects

  • Getting my songs produced
  • Gearfest 2018

Who I've Collaborated With

  • Donovan Spencer - wrote rap verses to two of my songs.

My FAM Collaborations


None yet, but willing to work with anyone

What Help I Need With My Current Project

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Sample of the Project

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More About Me

Extra Info

African/Carribean (Comoros and Haiti)

Speaks English, French, Anjounese (African dialect), and Spanish. 

Music style - Adele/John Legend/Alicia Keys

Idol: Beyoncé

Where To Find Me Next

Director - Creative Experience (2017-2018 school year)

Director of Professional Development - Mu Sigma Epsilon (2017-2018 school year)

Artistic Director of Events - Corpus Callosum ((2017-2018 school year)

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