Isaac Lucas

Rapper - Writer - Engineer



I produce, engineer, and write on a daily basis, but my passion lies in performance. I try consistently deliver thought provoking lyrics, unique flows and beats that don't sound like they were made with a cookie cutter.

Always looking for dope artists to collab with so HMU! I am also managed by the FAM founder, Aaron Raus.

What are you looking for: I am looking for Vocalists, Lyricists, Producers

What can you contribute: I am a Rapper, Lyricist, Songwriter, and Engineer



  • I had an EP release party at the Airliner
  • I opened up for Christian Scott at the Mint

Past Projects

  • I just released my EP '9 to 5' in August
  • I just released my first video for my song, 'In the Water'. Check it out below!

Current Projects

  • I have a library of songs I'm constantly working on and adding to. I'll be releasing a few singles soon leading up to my first debut album to be released next year!
  • I am also in the studio with REL and looking for new collabs with FAM members!

Who I've Collaborated With

  • I've worked with producers Rodney Jerkins, Mitus and Richard Wolf on numerous projects, as well as songwriting for film and tv.
  • Mitus, Fortune, Rascal, Old Man Saxon, Chief Wakil, Klaranze

My FAM Collaborations


Arielle Sitrick.jpg

What Help I Need With My Current Project

Project: Beats, Vocalists, Lyricists

I am looking to get in the studio with a bunch of people to write and record new music, get new beats to record/write over, and work with new people!

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Sample of the Project

More About Me

Extra Info

Where To Find Me Next I am performing at the Airliner on October 1st!

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