You may have the greatest singing voice, stage presence, technical skills, passion, or any combination of skills, but where do you start? Music students and aspiring music professionals share a lack of direction in their future. You find yourself asking questions:

  • How do I become a successful artist?

  • Where can I gain experience if every place requires previous experience? 

  • I want to end up working in the studio/backstage/performing/managing/promoting music...How do I get there?

  • How do I get gigs?

  • Where and how can I record music?

  • I want to make money off my music but I also want to reach a large audience, how do I find a balance?

  • How do I form my "image" as an artist? My vision for my career?

The FAM is here to answer those questions! Our constantly growing network is meant to be a tool for career advisement and development.  A network is the most important aspect of a professional’s career and learning how to use your network effectively is directly correlated with the success within your industry.