You may have the greatest singing voice, stage presence, technical skills, passion, or any combination of skills, but where do you start? Music students and aspiring music professionals share a lack of direction in their future. You find yourself asking questions:

How do I become a successful artist? 

Where can I gain experience if every place requires previous experience? 

I want to end up working in the studio/backstage/performing/managing/promoting music...How do I get there?

How do I get gigs?

Where and how can I record music?

I want to make money off my music but I also want to reach a large audience, how do I find a balance?

How do I form my "image" as an artist? My vision for my career?

The FAM is here to answer those questions!

You ask for a job, you get advice. You ask for advice, you get a job.
— Patrick Henry, Professor of Entrepreneurship at USC

The above quote comes from my entrepreneurship professor at USC who taught me two powerful things that I have based the FAM around after starting this in his class. 

  1. The worst thing you can get when you reach out to someone asking for help is a polite "no". 
  2. The best way to learn is to ask questions.

The FAM (or the Free Artists' Matchmakers) is a career development community that seeks to create a "family" feeling in our network of aspiring music professionals as well as our partners and mentors. I built the FAM as a tool for you to create relationships based on these two principles along with the principle of synergy to propel your careers forward. The idea that 1+1=3 means that you are more powerful when you work with others. The FAM here to create lasting relationships, memories, and most importantly: happy careers.

We're not here to make money. I'm here to bring people together, using the power of music and collaboration to breed success for everyone in the FAM.

--- Aaron Raus, Founder

Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.
Aaron with saxophone player Kamasi Washington

Aaron with saxophone player Kamasi Washington


We look to create an extensive, music-oriented network that empowers, enriches, and propels the careers of people passionate about music and the industry through an emphasis on connecting with those around you. The FAM is meant to be a tool to emphasize the importance of your network and actually utilizing it by giving you the first boost you need, highlighting the importance of resources like LinkedIn, emails, and USC Faculty.



A premium facet of the FAM that is currently being developed for you, our consulting service looks to add a personalized approach to the career development of our network. Every member of the FAM will get a FREE initial consultation after they create a user profile. We will offer extended long-term career support plans at a very reasonable price.