hannah bowers

Hannah Bowers

Singer - Writer - Lyricist - Artist



My biggest joy in the world is writing songs. It's what I want to spend my whole life doing. I want to write beautiful, cool, unique, and meaningful songs with other talented songwriters. I love helping people, and I want to make the world a more positive place.

I would love to use music to do that. I'm also very interested in fashion, art and skateboarding, and hope to combine all those passions through my music career.

What are you looking for: I want to be a successful recording/touring artist. Creator of art and music, write songs with and for others, be featured on tracks. I'm looking to get more support and outside ideas from anyone looking for experience. Sync placement. 

What can you contribute: I've been writing, recording, and performing my songs since I was a teenager as a solo singer/songwriter. I have a lot of experience in management, marketing, branding.



  • I have a lot of experience in management, marketing, branding etc. Internships at Paramount Pictures, Kobalt Music Group, and The Producer's Lab.

Past Projects

  • I just released my debut full-band album, "Nightmares & Daydreams" available everywhere you can stream or download. I released an acoustic single with a music video in October, "Know Ourselves". I've collaborated with other writers and producers as well, and try to share those on my SoundCloud.

Current Projects

  •  I'm working on finding similar bands to play with, and finding new avenues to share my music with. I've been working on trying to get my music involved in both skate and mental health. I'm just started pre-production on my follow-up single.

Who I've Collaborated With

  • Richard Wolf, producer; Zach McDermott, Producer; Tre Ulseth, guitar; Ryan Montag, producer; Little Azu, producer; Josephine, artist; Destiny Relfect, producer

My FAM Collaborations


Michael Azuma (Little Azu) - Producer

Michael Azuma (Little Azu) - Producer

What Help I Need With My Current Project

Project: Nightmares & Daydreams

I want to keep writing with other people, so I'm always looking for new producers, writers and vocalists to work with. As far as my own artistry - finding opportunities for my music, marketing, and live shows.

Sample of the Project - none yet

More About Me

Extra Info

  • Very knowledgable in the world of sync licensing and writing for visual media. I understand the parts of the industry and how they interact. I understand what makes people successful. Vague question but I have a strong knowledge of the business.

Where To Find Me Next

  • Social media (@TheHannahBowersMusic), YouTube (hopefully more videos soon), and Soundcloud!
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