Your network is your net worth
— Porter Gale: marketing expert, start-up advisor, and public speaker

Networking is one of the most powerful tools that exists in the professional world today. A lot of aspiring music professionals forget or overlook the importance of meeting new people, introducing yourself, and connecting with those around you. Whether you are looking for advice, looking for an internship, or just want to ask questions of someone who may have answers, networking means putting yourself out there and learning something. 

The beauty of networking is that no matter your experience, you can always learn something from someone else. 

The FAM makes it easier to network by creating a community for you to feel comfortable asking for advice or to collaborate on a song. The FAM is here to help you learn how you network best. The FAM encourages you to utilize this community as much and as often as you can to help you succeed with those around you.

Did you connect with a member of the FAM?

Hannah Bowers

Hannah Bowers

What are you looking for: I want to be a successful recording/touring artist. Creator of art and music, write songs with and for others, be featured on tracks. I'm looking to get more support and outside ideas from anyone looking for experience. Sync placement. 

What can you contribute: I've been writing, recording, and performing my songs since I was a teenager as a solo singer/songwriter. I have a lot of experience in management, marketing, branding.

Emily Hunter

Emily Hunter

What are you looking for: Looking for engineers/other musicians (guitarist/bassist/drummer) who can help me record and build upon my songs.

What can you contribute: Songwriting (lyrics and music--more of a lyricist) Vocals Limited knowledge of ProTools/Logic Assistance with branding yourself as an artist (interning at a company that helps with this)

Brennen Bryant

Brennen Bryant

What are you looking for: I am looking for Vocalists and a Manager

What can you contribute: I am a Producer, Rapper, Writer, Mixer, and Singer.


What are you looking for: I am looking for a manager and artists to collaborate with.

What can you contribute: I am a producer, vocalist (singing, rapping), lyricist.

LaMarcus Miller

What are you looking for: I'm looking for connections, opportunities that can be leveraged, fostered & nurtured.

What can you contribute:  I am an Opera Singer (Long Beach Opera, New York City Opera, Carnegie Hall). I have debuted a new opera FALLUJAH (Google it)
I have also worked in Corporate America: IMG Sports Media, Weber Shandwick Corporate PR, The Rockefeller Foundation etc..

Charles Moody

Charles Moody

What are you looking for: I'm looking for musicians, recording engineers, mixers, mastering engineers

What can you contribute:  Advanced Pro Tools tech, sound editor, mixer, mastering engineer

Dom Dankwa

What are you looking for: I'm looking for fellow producers and collaborators to work with and learn from.

What can you contribute: I'm a new music producer who brings over 15 years of musical experience, from piano to saxophone to drums. In addition, I have a good sense of musicality and drum production. My skillset is best used with ambient, mellow productions. I work mostly within Logic pro, but am also familiar with FL and ProTools.

Anthony Phillips

Anthony Phillips

What are you looking for: I want to either be a performer or if not then manage my friends, meet any cool people who are like-minded. I am creative - I don't sound like anyone -relatable.

What can you contribute: I have recorded a few albums with friends, music marketing experience. I stay true to the music, myself, and my crew. 

Kobi Jaro

Kobi Jaro

What are you looking for: Vocalist, other producers

What can you contribute: I am a music producer, proficient in FL Studio and Ableton Live. I am also skilled at mixing and mastering. Additionally, I am a DJ and have done many various gigs around the LA area.

Jessica Vieux

What are you looking for: I am looking for Producers, Managers, Instrumentalists, and anyone that can help me with the process.

What can you contribute: I am a Vocalist, Pianist, Songwriter, Business Student, Programmer, Talent Recruiter (for events such as Gearfest)

Doug Johnson

What are you looking for: I am looking for anyone who can give me music to play on violin, viola, or guitar. I'm especially happy to jam with anyone looking for a guitarist (for a band or just for fun).

What can you contribute: Violin/Viola - 15 years of playing experience, Guitar - 1 year of experience

Morgan St. Jean

What are you looking for: I am looking to network with industry people in publishing and/or record labels. 

What can you contribute: I am a Vocalist, artist, and songwriter

Warren Hastings

What are you looking for: I am looking for other artists to collab with, producers, and contacts for future gigs in terms of performing, writing, or as a session vocalist.

What can you contribute:  I am a vocalist and songwriter, as well as performer. I can topline on songs, write from scratch, collaborate, and I have basic piano skills to form the basis for song ideas. In addition to that I can be a session vocalist or provide various types of vocals for tracks.
I also have a really unique take on music due to my appreciation for all kinds of it, so my ideas are really innovative and pull from all different genres without trying to "stick to" a certain sound. Although I grew up on country music and power ballads, when I began to choose the music I listened too, I became well versed in r&b and pop writing/singing, as well as EDM and will be taking vocal jazz improv this semester.

Joel Gutierrez

Joel Gutierrez

What are you looking for: I'm looking for anyone who can provide me more insight into the profession of Music Law.
I am also looking to start a pop/punk band. Need guitarist, bassist, drummer.

What can you contribute:  I recently graduated from USC with a music industry degree and am working in royalties at Alfred Music Publishing Company. I have had internships at other publishing companies in both the creative and legal sides. I have strong knowledge of contracts, copyright, and licensing

Also I play guitar and sing. I am looking to bring the alternative/punk songs I write to life and play shows around Los Angeles.

Aaron Reihs

What are you looking for: I'm looking for directors, writers, producers, vocalists, percussionists, session players, songwriters

What can you contribute: Composing and producing music for film and games; saxophone; clarinet; piano

Austin Foley

What are you looking for: I'm looking for topliners/songwriters

What can you contribute: I've been producing and DJing under the name Jynjo for a few years 

The whole point of ‘Acid Rap’ was just to ask people a question: does the music business side of this dictate what type of project this is? If it’s all original music and it’s got this much emotion around it and it connects this way with this many people, is it a mixtape? What’s an ‘album’ these days, anyways?
— Chance the Rapper: Independent Musician/Businessman, 3x Grammy Winner, Kanye's Best Prodigy
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