Austin Foley

Austin Foley

Producer - DJ



I love to make weird electronic/pop stuff, and would love to make it with you :)

What are you looking for: I'm looking for topliners/songwriters

What can you contribute: I've been producing and DJing under the name Jynjo for a few years.



  • Interned with Moving Castle [2016-2017] and Warner Bros. Records [2016]

Past Projects

  • Released some songs in the past
  • "A little bit sometimes" with r e l [2017]

Current Projects

  • Just released a new song, "How do you Like it (feat. Spritely)

Who I've Collaborated With

  • r e l, Anna Dellaria, Hannah Bowers, Jillian Lavin, Aubrey Wood

My FAM Collaborations


Arielle Sitrick.jpg

What Help I Need With My Current Project

Project: I'm working on some new and unique singles that I'm excited to share with you all

Toplines!! Send them over and I'm sure I'll have a beat that goes with it!

Sample of the Project

More About Me

Extra Info

Where To Find Me Next

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