Arielle Sitrick

Arielle Sitrick

Singer - Songwriter - Musician



I make EVOCA-POP™ music :) Music is so powerful and I use it as a force for change and inspiration.

What are you looking for: I am looking for production, mixing, engineering, mastering, album cover.

What can you contribute: I am a singer, songwriter, performer, I bring heart to my music and a love for people that moves me to create. 



  • I put out a crowd-funded EP in July/August 2014 (Soundcloud) and May 2015 (Spotify/iTunes/Apple Music).

Past Projects

  • "r.e.l." - debut EP (May 2015) , "Before the Storm" (2015), "Factory" (2016), "Colors" (2017), EVOCA-POP™ (2017-18)

Current Projects

  • EVOCA-POP™ ! It is a project close to my heart, a 3-part visual album.

Who I've Collaborated With

  • Dan Burns, Blair Sinta, Zac Rae, Billy Burke, Travis Bunn, Will Everett, Pop Levi, Sapphire Jewell, Amanda Erwin, Kiko Brenneisen, India Pascucci, Nick Dipietrantonio, Aaron Spiro, Adam Novodor, GALLO, Robot Koch, Ben Tolliday, Alex Stix-Brunell, Michael Biggs, Mattia Magi, Sterling Sound.

My FAM Collaborations


Austin Foley

Austin Foley aka Jynjo

What Help I Need With My Current Project


I need help with: Additional production, mixing, engineering, mastering, album cover.

Sample of the Project

EVOCA-POP™ side A coming this summer

More About Me

Extra Info

Where To Find Me Next

The Peppermint Club (date to be set), EVOCA-POP™ side A coming this summer, "Consciousness" (prod. by Robot Koch) - track and video - summer 2017 , "Colors" music video.

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